The End of the Journey: Why I’m Glad I Homeschooled my Children

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When I started homeschooling, I called it the “Grand Experiment”. I didn’t know anything about homeschooling, and I’d never heard of it in all of the education classes that I took for my Music Education degree. A family that I met at our church was homeschooling, and it intrigued me!

The more I learned about homeschooling, the more I wanted to try it. I only knew one person who was homeschooled for all of her education, and she was an amazing young woman. I figured that if I could teach music to 20 children, I could teach one child how to read. And, kindergarten is pretty easy stuff, so – I said to myself – why not try it?

Now, at the end of the child-rearing era, I’m abundantly glad that I made that choice.

While the reasons that I’m grateful for the opportunity to homeschool are many, these are a few of the main ones.

1. Who They Have Become

All of my children are amazing young adults! They are self-confident, not afraid to try new things, know their own mind, and are not swayed by negative influences. They are gentle, humble, well-spoken, friendly, and fun to be around. They are accomplished, talented, capable, responsible adults with good jobs and creative sources of income. They are entrepreneurial producers of innovative products and ideas. Their character is marked by integrity, empathy, faithfulness, love, joy, honesty, determination, and dependability. They work confidently in their strengths and find ways to accommodate their weaknesses …And the list goes on.

Are they perfect? No, they’re not. They have their flaws (as we all do), but they have become wonderful people who are my best friends. I had a vision in my mind of who I hoped they would be when they were grown up, and I can truly say the vision has become reality.

This would not have been possible without homeschooling.

I was able to be the main influencer in their lives. My values and beliefs were imparted to them, not the values of some outside source. We were able to take a relaxed approach to education which fostered their love of learning. This is a fundamental reason that they are who they are today.

2. What We Were Able to Do While Homeschooling

This topic is a book in itself! But a few of the top things we were able to do are:

  • Focus on their strengths and support their weaknesses
  • Enjoy our learning experience and take the time to learn at their pace
  • Protect their health with proper sleep, exercise, and nutrition
  • Explore creative pursuits like publishing novels, starting a business, exhibiting at conventions, writing books, building LEGO, and being involved in the online LEGO community
  • Develop close family relationships

3. How it Helped Them Fulfill Their Dreams

Because I made free time for them to create and encouraged my children to be producers and not consumers, it opened the door to some amazing opportunities for them. They made money from their own businesses during their early high school years. My daughter published two novels and had a thriving jewelry business. She has married the man of her dreams and uses her creative skills to refurbish furniture and create stunning graphic designs. My sons are contestants on Season 2 of the TV Show LEGO Masters. They have published books, and have curated their merchandise on their websites. The guys both have great jobs and are enjoying life.

This “Grand Experiment” is a HUGE success! I’m so grateful for the chance to pour into my children’s lives. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

There is SO much more to the story. Join me as I share the lessons learned, the triumphs and challenges, the way we schooled, and insights into child training. My goal is to encourage you in your journey to raise smart, creative kids!

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