About Us

My name is Gloria Erickson and this is my story on how I raised my children. Working with children is my passion! It began in middle school when I helped in children’s church and then a camp counselor in high school. So, it was a natural step to get my Bachelor of Science in Music Education. I loved teaching music and directing choirs in private schools. When my daughter was born, I left my career and focused on raising my kids to be smart and creative. It was so worth it! 

Crafting of all sorts from sewing and crochet to reading and writing are the ways that I relax and recharge. Action and mystery movies and concerts are some of the activities I enjoy with my kids. 

My daughter, Julia Arambam is beautiful as well as intelligent and artistic. Since she was born, words have naturally flowed from her, and she grew into quite the wordsmith. She is an outgoing “people person” and loves hosting parties! Julia loves anything with sparkle, and started a handmade jewelry business at the age of 12. She also self-published her two novels while in high school (with a little help from me on the publishing side – she completely wrote and edited the books herself)!

She’s happily married to the love of her life, her hubby Leonard, and the two of them enjoy cooking together, traveling, and brainstorming entrepreneurial business dreams.  

Currently, she uses her amazing design and content creation skills as a social media manager, and also has a business called JuLarén, refurbishing antique furniture with chalk paint. Find her website here: www.jularen.com

My older son, Mark Erickson is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to ancient history and civilizations. He and his brother started a business called Warfare by Duct Tape at the ages of 16 and 14, centered on their books about how to create historically-inspired weapons and armor out of duct tape!

These days, he’s a photoshop guru and graphic design whiz. He has an A.A. degree in website design, and uses his skills in his position as the creative artist in residence at the Atlanta Brick Co.

Mark has had a passion for building with LEGO from a very young age, and then showcased his creations on the online AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) community, becoming renowned for his architectural and landscaping techniques. This opened the door for him and Steven to be contestants on Season 2 of the hit show LEGO Masters! Check out his site at www.markoffalworth.com

Steven Erickson is an old soul, with a love for collecting unique and interesting items such as watches, marbles, wooden puzzles, and comic books. Steven has always had a remarkable ability to envision 3-D creations in his head and then bring his imagination into reality, in many different mediums! Along with Mark, he was one of the weapon-crafters for their business Warfare by Duct Tape, and loved being the face of the company at the homeschool conventions, interacting with their booth visitors.

Steven loves working with wood and is a talented welder, earned a Welding Diploma from a local technical college. His abilities translate exceptionally well into the world of LEGO building, where he can look at a brick and instantly think of many brilliant ways to use it. Building with Mark from a very young age, they both loved the world of LEGO. Steven is well-known in the online LEGO community for his whimsical characters, especially animals and fantastical people, and centers them in adorable vignettes. He’s the other half of the epic team competing on Season 2 of America’s LEGO Masters popular TV series. Steven’s website is www.brotherstevenbuilds.com

We started this business together when the guys were in early high school. It was a wonderful learning experience and a good source of income for them. 

Warfare by Duct Tape specializes in instructional books, showing you how to create your own historically inspired weapons, armor, and helmets with common materials like PVC pipe, cardboard, foam and, of course, duct tape! The books also include information about how the historical weapons were made and used – so the education happens along with the fun!

Eight books in the series. Buy them in the SHOP or check out the entire website at WarfarebyDuctTape.com